Louis Garneau P-09 Aero Cycling Helmet



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Features of the Louis Garneau P-09 Aero Cycling Helmet In-Mold construction Evacuation channels: Moisture evacuation channels provide better airflow and moisture wicking Golf ball effect: Texturized surface on the front of the helmet helps achieve better laminar airflow Spiderlock pro TT: Helmet stabilizing system featuring a polymer neck support. It can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand thanks to its dented anti-slip wheel, and its inclination can be adjusted to several positions Pro-lock divider: Small and light cam locking device to quickly adjust strap position Retractable ear: The retractable ear flaps open and close smoothly and effortlessly for a fast and easy transition without compromising the helmet’s aerodynamics Icefil padding: Keeps your head cool P-09 lens included: Color 7F7


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