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The NEMO Jazz Duo Sleeping Bag is a two person bag for sleeping with your favorite. No more zipping bags together, instead enjoy a more cozy, at-home like sleep with another. Fits heights up to 6’4″ and can be paired with two 25″ pads or one 50″ pad. Snuggle up while camping this season and enjoy the Blanket Fold for a comforter-style wrap. Features of the NEMO Jazz Duo Sleeping Bag A two-person sleep system which offers an integrated removable sheet extending your comfort range and our signature Blanket Fold making you cozy just like your bed at home Designed to Fit with most 50in. or two 25in. sleeping pads while the Luxury version designed to Fit two 30in. pads A grab-and go style sleeping bag allows sleeping pads to stay inserted This duo style sleeping bag has stretch construction and offers the absolute maximum internal volume making sharing the bag a cinch


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