Pahaque tr300 pahaque tent rug 5×7



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The PahaQue Outdoor & Tent Adventure Rug is ideal for family camping trips, days at the park, tailgating, and picnics. Designed with the rugged durability of all PahaQue products, the Tent Rug features a heavy duty, stain resistant, soft polyester rug fabric and resilient waterproof backing. Make your tent more comfortable with the Tent Rug as it adds a warm insulating layer and a moisture barrier to your tent floor. The Tent Rug will make cleaning your tent floor a breeze; simply remove the rug from your tent and shake it out. The rug is conveniently machine washable. With its sturdy waterproof backing, the rug will protect you from damp bleachers at sporting events and guard your fun family picnic from wet grass. Take the Tent Rug on all your adventures by folding it into a compact bundle, securing it with the hook-and-loop strip, and carrying it with convenient sewn-on handle. The PahaQue Outdoor & Tent Adventure Rug is easy to clean, use, and store to make your time in the great outdoors simple and enjoyable.


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