SRAM Red XG-1290 Cassette



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Features of the SRAM XG-1290 12-Speed Cassette SRAM red AXS XG-1290 cassette is an integral part of the red AXS drivetrain system 10-Tooth small cog and X-Range gearing, it progresses fluidly and quickly through a wide range of gears Designed specifically for wireless electronic shifting, and the one-piece design offers exceptional weight savings xG-1290 cassette is designed to operate withXDR driver bodies More graDual gear progression between cogs (at least five one-tooth jumps) while still offering a wider range One-piece machined steel X-dome design for weight savings 10-Tooth start helps provide a wider gearing range Designed to work with anXDR driver body Cassette body type: SRAM XDR Drivetrain speeds: 12 Cassette cogs: 10-11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-28-33 Range: 10-33


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