U.S. Air Force Hiking Stick Medallion



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When you hit the trails, show your U.S. Air Force pride in style with an eye-catching Air Force hiking stick medallion. With this sturdy medallion fixed to your personal hiking staff, youll enjoy displaying the values of the U.S. Air Force while trekking in the great outdoors. Whether at the top of the mountain or during your journeys into the backcountry, a U.S. Air Force hiking stick medallion is a unique way to display your dedication to the most powerful air force in the world. Honor the commitment of the United States Air Force to defend America’s global interests. In enduring metal, this striking medallion depicts the official seal of the U.S. Air Force. Each one has a curved shaped and comes with two nickel nails to ensure it can be quickly and easily secured to any hiking staff. Minted in a nickel alloy, this commemorative medallion is given an antique finish.


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